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The pictures and information posted here are provided as a public service to individuals, shelters and rescue groups across the U.S. requesting assistance and it is the responsibility of those persons/groups to notify ARTR when the animals are adopted so the information can be removed.

For additional rescue organizations, please visit:

  • World Animal Net - The world's largest network of animal protection societies with over 1,500 affiliates in more than 80 countries campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals.

  • Pet Finder - Search throughout the United States by breed and location.

  • A.D.O.P.T. - A.D.O.P.T. is a not-for-profit, no-kill, all volunteer organization serving Naperville and the surrounding area.

  • Adopt-A-Pet - Victoria, Texas - Several Rat Terriers for adoption and other dogs and pups too.

  • Lost and Found - Miami-Dade Animal Care and Control Division

  • Mufeesboro, TENNESEE - Several Rat Terriers and Rat Terrier mixes in this no-kill shelter


Mt. Vernon, Illinois

This baby needs a home now! Mt. Vernon Animal Control: 107 East Perkins
hours: Monday thru Friday 10:30 to 5:00
Phone: 618-244-8024 ask for Dorothy

New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

BRAVO is shy but friendly and seems to prefer women over men, at least initially, he also enjoys the company of other dogs. He was given up by his owners when they lost their home, where he was kept indoors day and night and was never alone. Bravo is housebroken; leash trained and has some obedience training. He loves car rides and has no known medical conditions.

He's a sensitive little guy who just needs a quiet, loving home where he can be someone's constant companion. If that person is you, contact Marisa by text or phone at: (973) 975-9834, or email: marisabp@live.com


Denton, Texas

FOURVEL is a 5-8 yr young male Rat Terrier/Chi mix who is extremely sweet, affectionate, and would love to snuggle up with you!

This friendly boy loves people, including kids, other pooches, and even cats! Fourvel will make someone a very nice companion

Houston, Texas

These little guys are identified as Toy Fox Terriers and we recognize them as Rat Terriers. There are 40 taken into this shelter on July 9. If you or someone you know, are able to step-up to help one or more please do this. An overwhelming number of sweet dogs who deserve to be saved.

Over half of these sweet, innocent dogs are at least 12 years of age which makes them highly unlikely to be adopted because people usually just want young pets. These babies have many years left to live- but only if kind people will give them homes so they are not euthanized in the crowded shelter. Once again a greedy breeder has thought more of herself than the future of the dogs she has caused to be brought into the world and now abandoned.

Houston ID#A437789
So Harris County Animal Shelter

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