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Sparticus Warrior Dog

Sparky An older Rat Terrier, "Sparky" was rescued from a Riverside animal shelter. The animal shelter personnel referred to Sparky as "the protector" because he stood up for the other dogs in his cage, even though they were all larger than he, "protecting" them from the attendants. He has since been placed with a small, loving family and goes to work with them each day in their engraving business, A Bit of Class, in the Laguna Beach area. Sparky has assumed the role of ambassador for the small business and all Rat Terriers in this resort town. He greets all customers who enter the business premises, and at day's end, he let's his owners know when its time to go home by hitting the "croaking frog" by the front door with his paw and activating it- Sparky does not care to work "overtime".


Louie - as rescued Louie
Louie is a "shy, handsome, comical kind of guy". Louie had a severely broken front leg, and was in a state of starvation when American Rat Terrier Rescue Association (ARTRA) found him at the Downey animal shelter. After a successful surgery that included a metal plate and two screws in his front leg, ARTRA brought Louie home on Thanksgiving day. With lots of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, potatoes & gravy, and even a small bit of pumpkin pie in his little belly, Louie began the long road to recovery. Louie has now fully recovered from his ordeal, physically and mentally, and is a permanent member of the ARTRA family. Louie is an official ARTRA poster boy.


Hunter Rescue Age: 1 year old   Foster Care: 8 months
Hunter is a "long haul" kind of guy. Hunter came to ARTRA through Pam Bishop's Smooth Fox Terrier Rescue operation. After some research into Hunter 's background, ARTRA found that he was born in Northern California, and grew up in the cab of a semi-truck, traveling the highways and byways of the west and mid-west, delivering cargo with his owner. For reasons unknown, Hunter was abandoned in a Missouri truck stop. This fun loving friendly guy is now living in a happy home with a large, multi-generation family in Orange County, California where he is thoroughly spoiled.


Panwina Rescue Age: 2 years old    Foster Care: 2 months
Long tailed Panwina came to ARTRA from Ventura County via "crazy woman". Because of the owner's allergies, Panwina was given-up to ARTRA. Panwina, one of our smallest rescues, is now the constant companion of a doting, elderly woman who lives in Lomita, CA where she "guards" an expansive flower garden from wild birds.


Lucy Rescue Age: 1 year old    Foster Care: 6 months
Lucy is a big, long-bodied, floppy-eared, sweetheart of a girl who loves all creatures big & small as well as bathroom showers. She came to ARTRA from her original owner because of owner health problems. Lucy now belongs to a loving couple in Trona, Ca. At present, Lucy has returned to rehab at ARTRA for skin allergies that surfaced after placement. After she is fully recovered and a course of action is determined, Lucy will be reunited with her family who miss her terribly.


Missy Rescue Age: 3 years old    Foster Care: 6 months
Missy is a very bright, friendly girl who was taught to perform much more than the normal "sit and lay down" commands. Missy has a number of higher level skills in her arsenal that she uses to her advantage. She came to ARTRA out of a "broken home" situation in Riverside County, Ca. With both hygiene and nutritional problems that led to a fungal infection covering her entire body. After a successful sulfur/lime dip and many weeks of rehab at ARTRA, Missy is now placed with a family of five in Anaheim, Ca. where she has her new family tightly "wrapped around her paw".

Milo aka Ralphy

Milo Rescue Age: 7 months old    Foster Care: 1 day
Ralphy is a sleek, quick, ball of energy. This "speeding bullet" came to ARTRA from an apartment environment that included a lot of crating. Ralphy was much more active than his original owners ever anticipated, and with Ralphy's best interests at heart, his family called ARTRA. Ralphy is now living in a turn of the century home in Claremont, Ca. with the current president of the Claremont Pooch Park, his companion, Zippity, a cat and 3 macaws. Ralphy is the pride and joy of the local dog park where his reputation for speed and "round ball play" is legendary.

Madeline aka: Maddy, Maddy Cake - Patty Cake, Mat-like-a-Cadillac

Madeline Rescue Age: 5 months old    Foster Care: 1 month
Maddy is a well trained "no trouble at all" girl who is just plain fun to be around. Maddy came to ARTRA from a good family with small children. The combination of small children and Maddy just didn t click so the family called ARTRA. Maddy became ARTRA's first interstate placement. As chance would have it, ARTRA was in Arizona with Maddy on a vacation outing which unexpectedly resulted in her placement with new owners. In a fine craft studio in the village of Sonoita, Az. the owner became friendly with Maddy. The shop owner thought Maddy would be a wonderful companion for her brother who lived on a ranch near Yuma,Az. ARTRA agreed to allow Maddy an overnight stay with the shop owner. By morning, Maddy has bewitched the shop owner who had fallen madly in love with her. Maddy is now a country girl living on a sheep and pack goat ranch in Sonoita, Az with her new parents, three companion dogs, and their young son.


Oreo A handsome Rat Terrier who was delivered to ARTRA during America's Family Pet Expo 1997 by the Pomona Humane Society. Oreo was an "owner turn-in" for reasons unknown. Oreo is now living with a family, in Menifee, Ca., on a small ranch.


Pepper Rescue Age: 5 months old    Foster Care: 1 month
Pepper has the classic Rat Terrier face with the prettiest black coat. She came to ARTRA from a family with small children living in Palmdale, Ca. As is often the case with young rat terriers, Pepper was too active for a family with really small children. Pepper in now living with a middle aged couple and one kitty in San Rafael, Ca. where she assists on the computer with her family's home-based business. Pepper 's new home includes a tree lined backyard that is home to many varmints, keeping Pepper very busy and well exercised. Incidentally, Pepper's new owners have a daughter in Southern California who also has a RatTerrier companion, Bailey, and who led them to ARTRA in search of a rescue rat terrier.


Lucky Rescue Age: 3 years old    Foster Care: 4 months
Lucky is a very small rat terrier that was the companion to an elderly couple who could no longer care for her. Lucky's new Yorba Linda, Ca. family includes a "stay at home" mom, working father, infant child, and a Smooth Fox Terrier sister. Both Terriers are gentle and loving to the child.


Molly Rescue Age: 1 year old    Foster Care: 1 month
Her original owner was a mean spirited, selfish woman who kept Molly caged most of the time. After exercising all options to get her money back and threatening to take Molly to the animal shelter, the owner reluctantly gave Molly up to ARTRA. Molly is the only rescue ARTRA has been able to return to the breeder. ARTRA convinced Molly's breeder that taking her back was the responsible thing to do.


Lulu Rescue Age: 1 year old    Foster Care: 2 months
Lulu is a tall, lanky Rat Terrier girl with a distinctively two toned (black and white) face and huge ears. A single working lady living in an apartment, purchased Lulu from a pet store for $899.00. As with most canines, Rat Terriers, are not suitable for extended periods of isolation, they need plenty of loving companionship and exercise. Lulu's owner recognized this in time and was compassionate enough to get in touch with ARTRA. Lulu is now placed with a loving family and her small companion Rat Terrier, named Rocky.

Willow, Tyler, and Otis aka "the banshees"

The Banshees Rescue Ages: Willow was approx 14 months old; Tyler and Otis were approx 8 months old Foster Care: 1 month
These canines are Toy Fox Terriers with their full, original tails. Together they can be quite a musical group. They came to ARTRA via the Ventura animal shelter whose officers found them abandoned in a farming field in Ventura. Willow is probably the mother of the boys, Tyler and Otis. Tyler and Otis were placed with separate families who are next door neighbors. Both families happen to train and show horses. Tyler and Otis have been integrated into the familie's horse acts. During the performance, they ride on the back of the horses with their new owners, and toward the end of the show, Tyler and Otis jump from their horses and run into the bushes looking for varmints. Willow has a less glamorous life but one she prefers. Willow was placed with an elderly widowed man in Buena Park where she lives at the center of his attentions.

Jesse Jane Mazet aka The Diva, Pig, and Boozer

Jesse Jesse
Open Adoption Age: 10 weeks old
Jesse, ARTRA s only "open adoption" is the ARTRA poster girl, and a permanent member of the ARTRA family which includes Jesse's owners, now residing in New York City. Jesse is brimming with pride for her "mom" , a former actress and her "pop" who is a maitre d' at the Waldorf Astoria.
Jesse hails from the Laguna Beach area where the sun, surf, and sand were her constant playground. She is still a spoiled little beach-brat today, and dearly loved by all who meet her. Jesse dreams of dining with her parents at the five star restaurant on her next visit to NYC.

Jumbo Earl McFeist aka Earl M

Earl Rescue Age: 6 weeks old
Earl M is a permanent member of the ARTRA family, and provided the inspiration that led to ARTRA's creation. Earl was purchased/rescued from a pet store in Glendora, Ca. At first sight, we fell unconditionally in love with Earl. At five months of age, Earl suddenly lost control of his motor skills and became glassy-eyed, swaying from side-to-side, he was having a seizure. With Earl in arms, we rushed him to the all night veterinary emergency clinic were he was mistakenly treated for poisoning. The tough little guy survived this terrible trauma and several subsequent seizures until his daily medication regimen could become stabilized. After extensive diagnostic procedures that included radiography, MRI, electroencephalography, liver function tests, etc., we were presented with pictures of Earl 's brain and actual neurological activity- confirming that his brain stem is deformed, causing congenital canine epilepsy. Research into his pedigree revealed excessive, inappropriate inbreeding, we learned that he is one of several pups resulting from father to daughter breeding. This heartbreaking experience was devastating for all of us, but strengthened our commitment to him and solidifying our advocacy for this breed into what is, today, the American Rat Terrier Rescue Association.

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